Anhydrite Liquid Screeds

What are anhydrite liquid screeds?

Anhydrite liquid screeds are designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to application of floor finishes. It can be used bonded, un-bonded or floating and with or without underfloor heating.

The main benefits to a Thermio anhydrite screed

  • Designed to improve the thermal performance of the underfloor heating systems allowing your system to run at lower input temperatures - therefore saving you money.
  • It is the ONLY screed to guarantee a minimum thermal performance approved by the BBA, allowing UFH designers to maximise the performance of your system.
Thermio Accreditation
Technical Characteristics
Mechanical strengthC30 F8
Thermal conductivity (nominal value)²λ=2,5Q/m.K
Thermal emission coefficient ³KH≥7, 42W/m².K
DiffusivityD=1,0.10-6 m²/s
Wet density2200kg/m³
Dry density2000kg/m³
Normal thickness above the pipe20mm
Minimum thickness by substrateun-bonded30mm
Installation Benefits
Flow250mm (± 20mm)
Productivityup to 200mm² / hour
or 1500m² / day

The main benefits to a Eco anhydrite screed

  • Designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes.
  • Can be used Bonded, un-bonded or Floating with or without UFH and is BBA approved.
  • This screed can be laid thinner, with bigger bay sizes, no reinforcement, no curing membrane offering greatly reduced cracking and faster installation compared to traditional sand cement screeds.
Eco Accreditation
Technical Characteristics
Mechanical strengthC25 - F4 BSEN 13813
Dry density2000kg/m³ (± 200)
Design thicknessMin 30mm - un-bonded
Design thicknessMin 35mm (domestic)
40mm (commercial) - floating
Substrate typeSuitable for most substrates
Substrate regularitySR2 - BSEN 8204-7
Surface finishLow laitance option
Surface finishMay require sanding as part of floor finish installation
ReinforcementRequires no reinforcement
Installation Benefits
Flow270mm (± 10mm)
Working time180 mins from commencement of batching to finish dappling
(Area layout to be considered)
Productivityup to 200mm² / hour
or 2000m² / day
FlowTech UK

Work With Accredited Professionals

The FlowTech team comprises of Gas Safe Heating Engineers and accredited flow screed installers. We ensure that every installation we complete is done to the highest of standards guaranteeing you a high quality and energy efficient heating system that has been installed with your ongoing safety and comfort in mind.


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