Laitance Removal

What is laitance and why does it occur?

Laitance is a fine build-up of particles on the surface of fresh liquid screed and can often appear after the curing process. Laitance is a consequence of the upward movement of water through the screed during drying following the installation process. Once your flowing screed floor has been drying for at least 7-14 days it is recommended that the laitance be removed.

How can Flowtech help?

How can Flowtech help?

We can provide a laitance removal and sanding service. We always recommend that this option is taken to ensure the correct finish. We would also advise that this be booked in at the same time as the liquid screed installation. Booking in advance allows us to generate accurate estimates on the time your floor will require to dry based on its depth and surface area. This will allow us to accurately predict the total drying time of the floor and the optimum time to undertake the laitance removal.

Floor Cover Ready

Floor Cover Ready

Finally, upon completion of the laitance removal and to optimise adhesion of your choice of floor covering, it is best practice to have a moisture test. We can do this as the final stage in the process to guarantee that the liquid screed floor has sufficiently dried and is ready for covering.

FlowTech UK

Work With Accredited Professionals

The FlowTech team comprises of Gas Safe Heating Engineers and accredited flow screed installers. We ensure that every installation we complete is done to the highest of standards guaranteeing you a high quality and energy efficient heating system that has been installed with your ongoing safety and comfort in mind.


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