Cement Based Screed Project



Customer requirements

The customer was having an extension to his property and required a fast-drying liquid cement-based screed pouring so they could lay flooring over the top.

How we undertook the job

Upon arriving on site, the first thing we checked was to ensure that the correct level of floor preparation had been administered. The work had been carried out by the customer, so we firstly had to ensure that this had been done to the highest of standards enabling us to produce the perfect pour. As a result, we:

1.Taped all overlaps and made sure there was no holes in the DMP which czuse imperfections in the screed.

2. We then set up are laser level and levelled all the levelling tripods to the datum point height, which was the floor level to the original part of the property. 

3. The next step was to do a quantity survey and place the order for the fast-drying liquid screed to be delivered to site.

4. Once placed and whilst the product was being dispatched, we then set up the screed pump ready for installation. 

Upon arrival of the flow screed we set it up and pumped it into the extension of the property, once placed we removed all of the levelling tripods and dappled the fast drying liquid screed to give a perfect level finish. 

The end results

We achieved the desired level of finish from the pour and the customer was able to carry on working on the floor within 24 hours