Wirksworth UFH Installation



Customer requirements

The customer was looking for a new warm water underfloor heating system to be installed with a liquid screed pour to cover the UFH pipes and create a smooth finish.

Underfloor heating installation before

How we undertook the job

Upon arriving on site, the first thing we checked was to ensure that the correct level of floor preparation had been administered. The customer had chosen to undertake this element themselves, however we always need to check it has been done to a high standard to ensure it does not compromise our follow-up work.

Upon thoroughly checking the preparation work we went about the precision laying of the underfloor heating pipes. Once completed we then undertook the connection to the manifold and tested the pipes for any leaks, this was successful so now onto the screed.

Underfloor heating installation during

The surface area of the room was 151 m2, we recommended a fast drying Cemfloor liquid screed to the customer due to it’s durability and quality. The customer was happy with our recommendation so we then took the chosen datum point from the client and transferred that level onto our leveling tripods using a laser level.

When complete we pumped in the Cemfloor liquid screed uysing our Putzmeister SP11 pump, once the screed was level to all our leveling tripods we removed them and dappled the screed leaving a perfectly even finish for our client.

The end results

The customer was delighted with the end result and was kind enough to leave us the following review

“FlowTech were very professional and reliable. They did everything that we would have expected of them and more. We would definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services”

Mrs Turton, Wirksworth

Underfloor heating installation after