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At FlowTech UK we not only work with residential customers, but also our commercial trade partners. For this particular project we were working with John from JPB Construction. John was looking for a professional to lay liquid flow screed on top of a warm water UFH system he was installing. The customer was having underfloor heating added to a kitchen extension in Sheffield, flowing screed is always the best choice of covering.

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How we undertook the job in Sheffield

Upon arriving on site in Sheffield, the first thing we did was to give the floor preparation the once over. No matter how long we have worked with a partner, we will always give it a check, not to second guess, simply an extra pair of eyes can help to avoid any costly re-pours.

Upon thoroughly checking the preparation work we went about the precision pour of of liquid flow screed.

Screeding Sheffield

The surface of the kitchen was 73 m2, we recommended a fast drying Cemfloor liquid screed to John due to it’s durability and quality. Upon sign-off from the customer and using the datum point from the client we transferred that level onto our leveling tripods using a laser level.

When complete we pumped in the Cemfloor liquid screed using our state-of-the-art Putzmeister SP11 pump, once we had achieved a level pour to all of our tripods we removed them and dappled the screed leaving a perfectly even finish to the room.

The end results

John was very pleased with the work we undertook and was kind enough to leave the folowing review

“We have used other screeders in the past, but I must say that FlowTech have been the best. They were very professional and reliable, which I think is very important when working with a trade partner. I will definitley be using them again”

John Bedford, JPG Construction

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