Liquid flow screed, the energy efficient and cost-effective alternative

Liquid flow screed is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to the labour-intensive sand and cement based traditional screed. Flow screed is evenly distributed and complements a variety of different floorings including stone, tile and resin. Liquid screed is the perfect match for water based underfloor heating systems as it not only binds better but conducts heat up to 30% more efficiently than traditional screed. 

Choose Your Screed

We have two main types of screed for you to choose from. Click the following links for more information.

Getting the Right Flow Screed For the Job

Whatever your screed requirements we have the right mix for the job. We are Gyvlon and Cemfloor accredited installers meaning we provide both cement based and non-cement based screeds depending on your requirements. We also provide a variety of different drying speed time screeds allowing you to work on the poured area in as little as 24 hours. Speak to a member of our team about our different screeds and arrange a no obligation quote.

Download our product specification brochure for drying times and specs

Who we Work With?

We work with contractors who require a screed pumping service to help compliment construction or underfloor heating work they maybe undertaking on a project. We also deliver our services to domestic customers who require flow screed within their home and garden. We are based in the Midlands and have established a reputation within the industry for both quality and affordability within the commercial and domestic markets in the UK.

Work With Accredited Professionals

The FlowTech team comprises of Gas Safe Heating Engineers and accredited flow screed installers. We ensure that every installation we complete is done to the highest of standards guaranteeing you a high quality and energy efficient heating system that has been installed with your ongoing safety and comfort in mind.